Productions in other media…

As Others See Us

‘As Others See Us’ was a research project conducted in partnership with the National Films Archives of India. The project was co-ordinated by Ms. Vijaya Mulay, the President of Indian Federation of Film Societies and a walking encyclopedia on world cinema. The main objective of the research was to look deeper into films on India by non-Indian filmmakers. Ms. Mulay is a personal friend of many great film makers like Malle, Betrolucci, Renoir, Attenborough and Joffe. Her emphasis was to understand why they had chosen India, how they represented India and if there was a feminist sub-text in any of these films. This research is available as a book titled From Rajahs and Yogis to Gandhi and Beyond: Images of India in International Films of the Twentieth Century, published by Seagull Books.

Media Mail/Alternate Media Times

‘Media Mail’ was a quarterly journal that started in January 1997 and addressed issues relating to media, development and culture, and attempted to fulfil an expressed the need by grassroots NGOs and activists, to receive regular information on alternate videos, developments in technology, media news and views of media practitioners. ‘Media Mail’, which later began to be called ‘Alternate Media Times’ because of official registration criteria, went out to over 2000 NGOs, mass organisation and media practitioners in the country and received critical appreciation. After five years, however, the journal had to be temporarily discontinued due to financial constraints.

Media and the Marginalised

A booklet of a lecture delivered by P. Sainath on the occasion of the A. C. Sen Memorial Lecture organised jointly by Magic Lantern Foundation, Vikalp Social Organisation and Popular Education and Action Centre, on April 30, 1998 in New Delhi. The lecture was chaired by Kuldip Nayyar.

Where Women Are Healers

1995, Exhibition
This exhibition on a cross-section of health initiatives taken by Indian women to create humane alternatives for society, was prepared for the Bejing Women’s Conference held in September 1995.


1991, Audio Cassette, 60 min
At a time when the entire country was reeling under communal frenzy, MLF produced ‘Khwaab-e-Sahar’, an audio cassette of a collection of Urdu poetry by great poets like Faiz, Iqbal, Sahir, Majaaz, Bismil and Dushyant. The collection not only demonstrates the literary contribution of the poets, most of who were Muslim, it also underscores the deep roots of Urdu in our culture, and the collective aspiration of the poets for a free India. Above all, the collection celebrates the sanity of humanity. The music was composed by Shubhendu, a noted cultural activist, who also lent his voice along with his group Pratidhwani.