We are pirates all

pic 3 We are pirates allA Review of the film Partners in Crime by Paromita Vohra on Down To Earth; reviewed by Latha Jishnu.

… Azim Anwar is a smiling young man with a singular mission in life: downloading everything he can possibly find on the Internet related to his interests: movies, funny videos, music, games and football matches.

He gets more stuff from his network of friends and relatives (his brother has given him a cache of documentaries) and he saves all of this in neatly catalogued folders on his laptop. Anwar uses a 500 kbps Internet connection for which he pays Rs 700 monthly. His only regret is that he cannot afford a 10,000 GB hard drive to store more.

For Anwar all this downloading is a work of passion and is not illegal as far as he knows. How can the films be illegal when the prints available on BitTorrent are original, he asks somewhat disingenuously. Besides, “I never buy pirated films,” he adds rather righteously…

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