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Paromita Vohra is a documentary filmmaker and screenwriter based in Mumbai. Her films explore issues of gender and feminism. Some of her celebrated films are 'Q2P', 'Un-limited Girls', 'Annapurna', 'A Woman's Place' and 'A Short Film About Time'.

She is scriptwriter of 'Khamosh Pani' (directed by Sabiha Sumar) which won the Golden Leopard at the Locarno Film Festival in 2003; 'A Few Things I Know About Her' (directed by Anjali Panjabi) which won the Silver Conch at the MIFF 2002; and 'Skin Deep' (directed by Reena Mohan).

She teaches scriptwriting as visiting faculty at Sophia Polytechnic and is a PUKAR Associate.


Films with Under Construction ...

  Q2P (2006)
  Director: Paromita Vohra
  A film about toilets and the city, but much more.
  English (subtitled), 55 min, India
  Subject: Borders, Citizenship, Diaspora, Globalisation, Public Spaces

  WHERE'S SANDRA? (2005)
  Director: Paromita Vohra
  Is she naughty? Is she nice? Looking for Sandra from Bandra.
  English (subtitled), 18 min, India
  Subject: Citizenship, Diaspora, Gender, Stereotypes

  Director: Paromita Vohra
  Two short tales wonder about the idea of Bombay as a great cosmopolis, while examining its divisions of class, language and food.
  English (subtitled), 13 min, India
  Subject: Culture, Identity, Metropolis, Society

  Director: Paromita Vohra
  A journey from being a document of an event to becoming an impression of a worldwide movement for economic, political and cultural justice and a travelogue of ideas for change.
  English (subtitled), 59 min, India
  Subject: Collective Action, Globalisation, Resistance, WSF

  Director: Paromita Vohra
  An exploration of engagements with feminism in contemporary urban India.
  English (subtitled), 94 min, India
  Subject: Collective Action, Feminism, Gender, History, Identity

  A WOMAN'S PLACE (1999)
  Director: Paromita Vohra
  Women in India, South Africa and the USA ask - can new laws change old ways?
  English (subtitled), 60 min, India, South Africa & Usa
  Subject: Feminism, Gender, Identity, Journey, Legal Activism, Rights

  ANNAPURNA (1995)
  Director: Paromita Vohra
  A women's co-operative feeds migrant workers in the heart of Bombay's mill district.
  English (subtitled), 25 min, India
  Subject: Citizenship, Economics, Feminism, Gender, Identity


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